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[3-2-1] Ivonne Aldaz - Marketing Specialist at TINT

In this episode, Ivonne shares 3 books she lives by, 2 people she looks up to, and 1 productivity trick she finds helpful. All under 15 minutes.

[3-2-1] Thibault - Founder of TweetHunter.io

In this episode, Thibault shares 3 books he lives by, 2 people he looks up to, and 1 productivity trick he finds helpful. All under 15 minutes.

Will Pearson - When "inbox zero" person runs an email marketing company

In this episode, we talk to Will Pearson, Co-founder at Scalero. He's a typical "inbox zero" person who makes sure his inbox is clear of any unread emails at all times. But interestingly, he runs Scalero, a platform that helps companies send a lot many emails efficiently and effortlessly.

[3-2-1] Noah Bragg - Founder of Potion.so

In this episode, Noah shares 3 books he lives by, 2 people he looks up to, and 1 productivity trick he finds helpful. All under 15 minutes.

Sean McGinty - Productivity before software

In this episode, we talk to Sean McGinty, Partner at Bentley McGinty. He's the most experienced guest yet on the Mailman podcast. He shares how he stayed productive back in the day when there were no productivity apps or even the internet. He also shared how he started a "Narrowcast" (term used for Podcasts in 1995) and his undying fascination for audio.

[3-2-1] Mike Slaats - Founder of Upvoty & host of SaaS Pirates Podcast

Mike shares 3 books he lives by, 2 people he looks up to, and 1 productivity trick he finds helpful. All under 15 minutes.

Danielle Lovell - Building a productivity system inside Notion

Danielle Lovell is Chief of Staff at MotionHall. She shares her productivity system, build entirely inside Notion and how she organizes her life around her 2-year-old toddler.

[3-2-1] Alex West - Founder of CyberLeads

Alex West is the founder of CyberLeads. He has helped many agencies make over $100,000 with getcyberleads.com

Andrew Case - Turn off your phone!

In this episode, we talk to Andrew Case, founder of Stacklingo, about how he organizes his day inside Evernote and doesn't shy away from turning off his phone to get productive.

[3-2-1] Jordan O'Connor - Founder of Closet Tools

Jordan is the founder of Closet Tools. In this episode he shares 3 books he lives by, 2 people he looks upto and 1 productivity trick he finds helpful. All under 15 minutes.

Rolf Zipf - How to achieve 4.5 hours of focused work everyday?

In this episode we talk to Rolf Zipf, founder of Rindus. He talks us into how he manages to get 4.5 hours of focused work done everyday!!

[3-2-1] Steven Puri, Co-founder of Centered.app

Steven is the co-founder of Centered.app, the number 1 flow state app in the United States.

Girish Shivani - Living by the calendar

Girish Shivani, Executive Director at Yournest, shares how he organizes his work & life around the calendar.

Aron Levin- Rethinking todo lists.

Aron Levin has worked at bigwigs like King games and Spotify. He's also the founder of Relatable (recently sold to Bambuser) and another fintech startup called Willa. Listen to him talk about his experience working at and building all these amazing companies.

Alex Bass- Productivity by leveraging automations.

Alex Bass is the founder of CyberBytes and Efficient.app. In this episode, we'll learn how Alex leverages automations to make his life easy and more productive.

Karson Chrispens – Make your own DIY time-blocking calendar

Karson Chrispens, a bioengineering sophomore, built his own time-blocking calendar, that he uses to track all his activities.

Daniel Scrivner – The missing item from your to-do list

Daniel Scrivner, who has worked with Apple, Square, Nike, Disney, and is an investor in 100+ startups, tells about the missing item from our to-do lists.

Manish Vakil – We don’t need more time; here’s what we need instead

Manish believes what's more than the desire for more time is the ability to see what’s essential and what’s not and doing them based on that priority order.

Brenden Mulligan – Building 10 products in 12 months

Brenden Mulligan, after selling his startup "LaunchKit" to Google, went all-in on his love for building products. He built ten products in 12 months.

Paul McKellar – How to maintain calendar sanity?

Maintaining a sane calendar is hard, especially if you’re someone who likes helping people a lot. Paul McKellar reveals his trick.

Zach Phillips – How to do many things without overcommitting?

Zach Phillips has a family, runs a film-making studio and a startup, and also writes every single day. How does he manage so many things without driving himself crazy?

Adam Suzor – Productive team meetings by way of controversy

Adam Suzor, the founder of Suzor IT, has a unique and controversial way to have productive team meetings.

Brett Farmiloe - CEO with 3 kids and 2 companies to run

Brett Farmiloe is a CEO of a 15-person company and is starting a new startup. Not just this, he makes sure to give enough time to his three kids as well. How does he do it all? Let's find out.