Brenden Mulligan – Building 10 products in 12 months

Brenden Mulligan, after selling his startup "LaunchKit" to Google, went all-in on his love for building products. He built ten products in 12 months.
Just imagine, you have just successfully sold your startup that you worked on for years to a company like Google. What would you do next? 

Maybe go on a trip to the Bahamas?

Or start an investment firm? 

Or just chill around for a while and do nothing?

Brenden Mulligan, the person who sold his startup “LaunchKit” to Google, did none of those. Instead, he decided to go all-in on his love for building products. Over the next year of selling his company to Google, he built ten products in 12 months.

Not all of them succeeded; the goal for Brenden was not to make successful products. It was, instead, to rebuild his muscle of taking an idea, building on it, and taking it in front of people as soon as possible. That too, all on his own! Taking no external help or hiring people. 

It sounds insane and a hectic undertaking. Doesn’t it?

But that’s just the kind of person Brenden is. A true serial builder. Taking ideas from 0 to 1 and doing it multiple times over and over again. That’s just what Brenden loves to do. It was his way of taking a break after some grueling years of running a startup and selling it.

I had the pleasure to get an insight into Brenden’s builder head. He talks to me about how he began his career journey, the many products he built along the way, and how he ended up at Google. 

Besides, he also told me about how he spends his day, what he does to get creative, and why he always indulges in more than one project.

Let’s listen from the man himself.


Brenden is pretty active on Twitter (@mulligan). If you’re a podcaster, you can sign up on PodPage, and you’ll get an email from him, on which you can reply and start a conversation with him.

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