Brett Farmiloe - CEO with 3 kids and 2 companies to run

Brett Farmiloe is a CEO of a 15-person company and is starting a new startup. Not just this, he makes sure to give enough time to his three kids as well. How does he do it all? Let's find out.
"It's impossible to work in the mornings," says Brett when asked about how he spends his day.

It isn't that Brett is not productive in the earlier part of the day but mornings are when his three kids are home. In his opinion, working before the kids leave for school is calling for frustration for the rest of the day.

Yet, in the end, when asked about what would he do if he had 1 extra hour in the day, he held up the coffee mug on his table with pictures of his 3 kids and wife and said, “I’ll rock with them!”.

For most parents, this is how time management works. The kids, their requirements, and then planning their workday around that.

But in the case of Brett, he's not just a father of 3 but the CEO of ~15 person marketing company AND launching another startup. So besides running a family, he's also responsible for running and growing a business and starting a new one too.

If you're thinking Brett would be struggling to manage all of those things? I’m afraid, you're wrong.

That's what blew me away! Frankly, at the end of my conversation with him, I felt it would actually be easy for him to manage all those things with the several concepts, principles, and tools that he uses to guard and make the most of his time.

One key learning that I took away from him is how he reflects back on the tasks that he didn't accomplish by the assigned deadline. He re-analyzes if those tasks were really important enough or could they just be delegated or completely ignored. Instead of, you know, feeling guilty and crying wet tears over them. I mean that’s what I do at least. Unlike Brett, who does this whole re-analysis to help him make better time allocation decisions in the future.

That's just one of the many useful techniques, concepts, tools he shared in our entire conversation. It's almost like a mini-productivity course if you read it through.

Let's dive straight in!

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