Manish Vakil – We don’t need more time; here’s what we need instead

Manish believes what's more than the desire for more time is the ability to see what’s essential and what’s not and doing them based on that priority order.
People keep saying they need more time. More time to get more done, more time to spend with family, more time to go on a hike, more time to watch that new web series.

But actually, we don’t need more time.

What we need instead is to organize time better.

The ability to see what’s essential and what’s not essential and doing them based on that priority order. That’s the skill we all need to learn and implement. If we’re able to do this well, we’ll not feel the lack of time because there’s plenty of it if we use it right.

This is what Manish Vakil believes and practices daily. He’s so particular about how he spends his time that he sits and decides his schedule for the next day, the day before. That’s probably the reason he’s able to get a lot of important work done in a day.

He also uses several other time management techniques like time blocking and clustering meetings together, and even quite a few apps that help him guard and guide his time. I talked to him in-depth about how he does it exactly and what all tools he uses.

Besides, we also talk about how he started his 1st business at 21, the concept of ‘children’s gym,’ his ideal & typical day, and why he says ‘no’ to 99% of things that come to him.

Let’s hear from him directly.


You can follow Manish on LinkedIn. He occasionally posts there. His email is, you can reach him there, and he'll be happy to help in any way he can.


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